Dog agility is the often called a dog sport, and in it, the trainer directs or trains the dog to enhance its speed and accuracy. The handlers control the dog with the help of limited voice, body signals, and movements. The trainer makes the dog perfect in all things which are speed, time and accuracy.

The dog agility trains a dog by setting some specified obstacles and hurdles for them according to their abilities. The trainer trains or practice the dogs at all surfaces like grass, dirt, rubber and special matting, etc. It depends on the type of the competition the dogs are going to compete.

Dog Agility

Know more about dog agility

The competitions or courses are hard enough that the dogs are not performed well without human direction. In the dog agility course, the handler settles all the basic things and obstacles to providing proper training to the dogs. The trainer or handler creates all the strategies and gives all direction to the dogs perfectly to teach them how to react on any signal given by the trainer.

The dog agility trainer guides the dogs that when to increase speed and when to low. They guide them each and everything whichever is necessary for the proper and appropriate training. There are various types of competitions, and in them lots of new and hard obstacles are present.

Types of obstacles in dog agility training

There are various types of obstacles in dog agility about which you should know accurately. The trainers give proper training to their dogs and teach them accurately to pass and clear all obstacles. The given below are some important types of agility obstacles about which all people must know –

  • A-frame – The A-frame obstacle is very common as in it the two broad ramps are settled by connecting their top. They are hinged together, so the distance or gap between them is five or six feet long. The A-shaped is given to check the dog’s grip.
  • Dog walk – In it there are three planks are connecting at their ends. The plank which is in between the two is raised by 4 feet. The dog walk obstacle has contact zones. It is performed to check the dog’s grip from up to down.
  • Seesaw – It is a 12 feet long plank which looks similar to the child’s seesaw. It is created off-balance as to remain one end at the ground always. It is placed in center only by maintaining an equal balance at the center or both the ends. It performs to check the dog’s ability and speed. They look at a lot like the best dog ramps, but perform very different functions.

So, it is necessary for the users or for people to know all the dog agility obstacles which are performed by dog agility trainer. The train trained the dog accurately and made the best by giving them proper training services. Among these, the trainer also gives all information to the dogs about various types of jumps like tire jumps and broad jumps, etc.

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